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Gsdx Download 0.1.16 228 okiwil




+ /dev/input/event13 /dev/input/event12 /dev/input/event10 /dev/input/event9 /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event3 /dev/input/event2 /dev/input/event1 Ok, thanks. i still doubt if that will solve the issue. even if that was working I have an ATI Radeon HD 7750 in my laptop and I wanted to try Wayland but I wanted to make sure that Xorg is not missing any modules to support my card. Do you know of any? hm r0tha_: hm? what u mean k1l_ r0tha_: 1) if that "lsusb" list doesnt look like that one i pasted 2) the device has no own driver. so that will only work if there is a driver included in the kernel or if the kernel team included it 1) of course not 2) dont think so i never heard of that i would need a package r0tha_: so please try the reboot and tell me what is listed in "dmesg" in the output when the usb device is plugged in. and what does that mean "there is no own driver" dmesg is a good idea, but i dont know how to send dmesg to a usb r0tha_: you could make a bootable pendrive with ubuntu or install ubuntu on a usb hdd r0tha_: which ubuntu do you have installed now? i think i can start from there. ubuntu 16.04 i think 16.04 r0tha_: i am not sure you will not need to install additional drivers for the r




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Gsdx Download 0.1.16 228 okiwil

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